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Selecting a Lawyer Specializing in Marital and Family Law



While there are many qualified lawyers in the area of marital and family law, only those who are board certified have taken the extraordinary steps to have their competence and experience evaluated.  Board certification is the highest level of evaluation by the Florida Bar of the competency and experience of attorneys in specific practice areas approved by the Supreme Court of Florida.  Through board certification, consumers can easily identify lawyers who are dedicated to professional excellence.

Florida Bar board certified lawyers have special knowledge, skills and proficiency in specific fields of law and professionalism and ethics in practice.  Many lawyers handle marital and family law matters, but only those who are board certified can identify themselves as “specialists” or “experts” in marital and family law.  Board certified marital and family lawyers are specialists who handle legal problems and civil suits arising from the family relationships of husbands, wives, parents and children.  Marital and family law includes pretrial and trial processes and handling and resolving controversies before, during and after the filing and resolution of law suits.

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