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Sometimes The Best Man For A Job Is A Woman

At Dahl Family Law Group we esteem men too. Most of us are married to them or are raising sons to become great men, husbands and fathers. So do not read this title and think I am bashing men. But sometimes a man should think before going into a divorce or family law matter (especially going into Court) on whether a woman attorney might serve his needs better. Many a man will tell you they left court and felt the result was not fair because it seemed the Court saw things as two men beating up on the little woman. I have had several male clients tell me they flat out hired me because I was a woman that worked and would not automatically expect every wife to stay at home. Another said only women can figure out other women and I need someone to figure this out. One of my favorite clients complemented that his soon-to-be ex-wife’s crocodile tears did not phase me.

Marital & Family Law Clermont Office

Clermont Marital & Family Law

Choosing the proper attorney is a crucial choice when dealing with your family law case. By working with Dahl Family Law Group, you are choosing to have a true advocate on your side at all times.

It is our firm’s desire to serve you in all of your Family and Marital Law needs.

Conveniently located in Clermont, FL – Dahl Family Law Group is nestled in the heart of Lake County, Florida.

JJ Dahl Esq. B.C.S.

What Is Board Certification?

[h2]What Is Board Certification?[/h2]
Board Certification labels J.J. Dahl an expert in Family Law.  Here she discusses some of the requirements involved in becoming Board Certified by the Florida Bar and why she’s considered an expert in Family Law.  J.J. Dahl Esq. B.C.S.

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Dahl Family Law Group

Our Firm’s Goals: Dahl Family Law Group

[h2]Our Firm’s Goals: Dahl Family Law Group[/h2]
J.J. uses her exclusive Board Certification in Lake County Florida to make Dahl Family Law Group the go to marital and family law firm.  From team commitment to technology utilization, Dahl Family Law Group is making family matter.  J.J. Dahl Esq. B.C.S.

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JJ Dahl Esq. B.C.S.

JJ Dahl Family Law Expert

[h2]JJ Dahl Family Law Expert[/h2]
J.J. Dahl Esq. B.C.S. is Board Certified by the state of Florida in Family Law.  J.J. explains what it takes to be considered an expert in Family Law.

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Dahl Family Law Group

Where Family Matters

Our firm’s attorneys are well-versed in all facets of marital and family law, handling matters arising before, during, and after marriage, including prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, as well as dissolution of marriage actions.

Our family law attorneys are experienced in complex equitable distribution (including businesses), child-related matters (e.g., parenting plans, time-sharing schedules, and parental responsibility), support (both child and spousal), relocation, paternity, and post-judgment modification.

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