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What Happens Next? Step 2



Approximately ten business days from being retained in an uncontested matter we generate the first proposed settlement agreement.  In contested matters we usually have the petition ready for your review.  Sometimes a couple of drafts are necessary before anything is ready to be sent to an outside party.  This time period can be short or lengthy depending on the complexity of the case.

In an uncontested matter after the draft proposal has been approved it is forwarded to the opposing party or the opposing attorney.    Occasionally it is returned to us signed and we can move forward, while often the other side wants items changed in the proposal.  You and the attorney will go over the requested changes and decide what can be accommodated.  From there we will decide to either file and move ahead in the legal process or to make other proposals or accommodations.  This is often when an uncontested matter turns contested.

Our next blog will describe the process of Discovery and what it means for you—stay informed!