Attorney Fees

I pride myself in ensuring the value of my work exceeds the cost – the whole Team does, it is one of our Firm’s values.  We more than pay for our services.

When asked to pay a retainer or an attorney bill in your family law matter, it might be hard to see that the money is well spent.  However, at the end of your alimony matter or the end of your child support matter or divorce – although sometimes it is not realized until the next tax year or when you finally sell the house or you need to enforce something a year or two down the road – you will see the value of a family law professional.

None of us are the type to try to generate unnecessary or unhelpful work just to increase a bill.  We know happy Clients pay less – we only want happy Clients.  Who doesn’t?  We want our Clients to be our best advertisement and future referral sources.   So we want to do a good job and that includes not only getting the job done but getting it done efficiently and least expensively.  We hope to keep your attorney fees down, too – but “don’t lose the forest for the trees”.

I cannot tell you how many people come to me AFTER they have signed or agreed to something that they should not have.  I cannot tell you how many Clients tell me, I wish I had hired you first or before.   I have a matter right now where my client almost gave away a $60,000 IRA because she didn’t want to pay a $5000 retainer.  She hired us as soon as she realized she could pay the $5,000 and on that issue alone come out $25,000 ahead even with paying the retainer.    We usually see our fees recouped in alimony and child support cases – a lot of people think what is the big deal with a $100 a month difference.  Well when you have an 8 year old child – that’s $1200 a year times ten years – last time I checked that is $12,000!!  I’d spend $5,000 for an attorney to get $12,000!  Imagine that same mistake with a divorce at age 45, and that is a $100 month difference for twenty years of alimony until retiring at 65.  Think about this not just from the point if you are the one paying this money, but what if you were the one who was supposed to be receiving this money and you short changed yourself $120,000 or $240,000.  I bet you would be thinking, darn I should have hired that attorney.

Do not forget, we have a hand out, How To Keep Attorney Fees Down.  Remember, if you follow our advice or our timelines and deadlines, you will keep attorney fees down.  Let us help you.  We are worth it and you are worth it.