Custody Visitation Performance Agreement

Custody/Visitation Performance Agreement

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Custody and visitation litigation can be emotionally traumatizing to parents and children alike. The behavior of parents before and after dissolution has a great influence on the emotional adjustment of their children. Pursuing custody and/or visitation requires a strong commitment to being the best parent you can be. Although we cannot change what has happened in the past, we can provide guidance on being a good parent from this
point forward.
Our goal is to obtain the best possible result in your case and to protect your child(ren) in the process. We will be scheduling regular status  conference meetings with you to discuss your compliance with this Agreement as it applies to your case. This is also an opportunity for you to focus on your parenting skills. Your love and devotion to your child(ren) is the greatest motivator of all.



Date: ____________________
Client Name: ________________________________
I understand that pursuing custody and/or visitation involves hard work and active participation on my part. I further understand there are no guarantees as to the legal results in my case. Based on my love for my child(ren), I will comply to the best of my abilities with the following terms:

I will educate myself on parenting:
I will take a parenting class.
I will join a parent’s support group.
I will interact with other parents.
I will read parenting books.
I will get to know my child(ren)’s teachers and caregivers:
I will attend parent-teacher conferences.
I will check in periodically with the teachers.
I will volunteer for school events when able.
I will schedule conference with the school counselor if needed.
I will know the facts surrounding my child(ren):
Who are my child(ren)’s friends?
What are my child(ren)’s favorites (i.e., foods, activities, television shows, colors, books, et cetera)?
What are my child(ren)’s clothes size(s)?
Who are my child(ren)’s doctor and dentist?
I will prepare nutritious, home cooked meals for my child(ren).
I will maintain a consistent routine for my child(ren) (i.e., a set time for meals, bed time, et cetera).
I will protect my child(ren) from litigation:
I will not discuss the case with my child(ren)..
I will not show my child(ren) any of the documents in this case.
I will not use my child(ren) as messenger(s), with either verbal or written messages, between myself and the other parent.
I will not use my child(ren) as spies to report about the other parent. I will educate myself on parenting.
I will not speak negatively or allow anyone else to speak negatively about the other parent in my child(ren)’s presence.
I will not allow the other parent to pull me into a negative confrontation in the presence of my child(ren).
I will keep a journal, calendar or diary to record dates and times of visitations, telephone contact and significant interactions with the other parent.
I will be consistent with my contact with my child(ren). I will not cancel visitation unless there are extreme, compelling reasons.
I will spend personal time with my child(ren); I will not rely heavily on babysitters, grandparents or other relatives unless I absolutely cannot care for my child(ren) (such as when I have to work).
I will transfer my child(ren) to the other parent bathed and groomed, with appropriate clothing, fed and with medication(s), if applicable.
I will offer the other parent extra time with my child(ren).
I will accept extra time with my child(ren).
I will be prompt for all pick-ups and deliveries of my child(ren).
I will be courteous and prompt regarding payment of child support.
I will be courteous regarding receiving payment of child support.
I will encourage good feelings between my child(ren) and the other parent:
I will help my child(ren) purchase cards and gifts for the other parent.
I will tell my child(ren) how much the other parent loves them.
I will help my child(ren) telephone the other parent regularly.
I will talk positively about any plans between my child(ren) and the other parent.
I will not plan alternate fun activities during the time I do not have my child(ren) in an attempt to discourage my child(ren)’s desire to visit the other parent.
I will keep the other parent duly informed:
I will promptly (within a week of receipt) provide copies of records to the other parent (i.e., report cards, doctor’s notes, school functions, et cetera).
If long distance, I will promptly provide photographs, drawings, et cetera, on a regular basis (i.e., every _____ months).
I will keep the other parent informed (within 24 hours), verbally and in writing, as to my current address and telephone number.
I will not abuse or allow others to abuse alcohol or drugs when my child(ren) are in my care.
I will not allow anyone to smoke cigarettes in the presence of my child(ren).
I will not allow my child(ren) to call anyone else “Mom” or “Dad”.
I will work towards presenting a unified front (between me and the other parent) regarding discipline and upbringing to my child(ren).
I will not introduce my child(ren) to any new romantic interest until the child(ren) have adjusted to the separation and my new relationship is stable. I will not allow an unrelated adult to spend the night while my child(ren) are present.
I will attend (either in person or telephonically) status office conferences to discuss my compliance with this Agreement as it applies to my case. Conferences shall be held ___________________________________________________________.

I agree to comply with the foregoing terms to the best of my ability. I understand that failure to comply could hurt my court case and may serve as a basis for my attorney to withdraw as my counsel.
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