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Alimony – here today, gone tomorrow???

Alimony – here today, gone tomorrow? Alimony is not going away.  Do not let any fool you.  Will it be changed? Yes.  The legislature is tackling this issue.  When will we know all the details?  Probably in May with the new law going into effect as early as July, 2015.    Will we have alimony guidelines like a few other states? Will we have permanent alimony? Can someone retire? Can someone still get alimony if they entered into another relationship? Florida law has great provisions for all of these important factors for alimony, plus others such as the party’s  ages, the party’s income, the party’s health,  their education and work before during and after the marriage, supportive relationships, the care and contributions to the other spouses career and education,  contributions to the family and children as a homemaker (although rumor has it we can kiss this factor goodbye – sad commentary on the state of our society and whether family really matters or not – yes, that was a play on words just like our logo).  All of these are currently covered in our alimony statute and case law.  Good lawyer’s know the law and tell other people about them.  But everyone’s not a good lawyer. And, just like every profession and every other area of the law, there have been some bad cases out there.  I mean, when is the last time you heard anyone say that the law was fair?  Whether family law or criminal law – or, do I dare say it, tax law?   Why is our reaction to throw the baby out with the bath water?  Let’s hope that the new law clarifies and simplifies alimony.  Let’s hope it provides more certainty.  Stay tuned.

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