Team Approach

Team Approach


Team Approach

Just as a great baseball team has a coach, a pitcher, a catcher, hitters, infielders and outfielders, a great law firm team has many team members. Each team member has a different role based on their training, experience and skills. Each team member works on your case, based on their position, allowing your matter to be handled in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Attorneys are licensed (and J.J. is Board Certified) to go to court, to handle depositions and to give legal advice. Both attorneys and paralegals conduct legal research. A Paralegal is a person who is qualified to initially draft pleadings, compile and analyze statistical information from clients. And a Legal Assistant, while perhaps not having the legal research and writing skills that a Paralegal has, can also assist the lawyer by drafting administrative correspondence.

Every team member is required to sign and follow the office procedures on Client Confidentiality. No one discusses your case outside of the office or with parties that are not members of our team. You never have to feel inhibited from talking to any of our team members.

No firm can efficiently handle all the work associated with a family law office without multiple team members that answer phones, make copies, handle files, and deal with mail. Our team also has an Office Manager who helps us juggle emergencies, as well as facilitating our normal work load. Our Office Manger also handles billing, payroll and the payment of our business expenses (we have rent, too).

Occasionally clients call in and do not want to leave a detailed message stating why they are calling. Please know that all team members are requested to take full and thorough messages including who is calling, a return phone number (even if you have given it to us ten times), finding out the best time to return the call and specifically what your call is regarding. Often times, just by you providing this information, the team member is able to assist you without the necessity of you waiting for a return call.

You are also an integral member of our team. While we know the law, only you know the facts of your case. It is important that you remain involved in your case, working closely with all of our team members, to reach our desired goal.

Welcome to our Team!!

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