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You must know what your rights are BEFORE you take any action. Many people wait to talk with an attorney just to find out that they should NOT have moved out of the house, or they SHOULD have taken certain documents. Basically, they find out that if they had acted earlier, something they want right now could have been theirs. Early planning can determine how an action will proceed. Like a chess game, the first move is extremely important and can determine the entire game. Your first move should be to gather the information we have requested and meet with us as scheduled.


Many of our prospective clients have needlessly suffered from anxiety, fear, embarrassment and other emotional difficulty because of their family law problems. The causes are generally:

  • Fear of the unknown, especially of their legal rights
  • Concern over protecting their relationship with their children and causing as little turmoil as possible
  • Concern about finances – where will the money come from or how much money will it require?

We strive to eliminate such fear and anxiety by explaining your options, your rights and the effects of the legal matter on you and your family.

Our objective is to make you feel comfortable, to help you understand your rights and explain the ways that your matter can be handled.  Contact us to set up a consultation.

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