Dahl Family Law Group Visitation

Now referred to as a “timesharing schedule,” our firm can help you to create a visitation plan that works for you, while keeping the best interest of your children in mind. At Dahl Family Law Group, we know that everybody’s situation is different, and will strive to create a timesharing schedule that is specific to your circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Visitation

  1. Claribel Iglesia

    I have a court Oder for the father and he is not complying with the order. I have to bring the kids to the library every Saturday’s by 10:00am I make sure I check out books as proof of my kids being there. It’s been 6 months and he has not made one visit. Please give me a call at 352-242-8277

    • webmaster Post author

      @Claribel – Please call our office at 352-243-4100. Thanks!

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